The year 2014, some say might be the ideal year for Indian politics with two great leaders would compete for the post of the Prime Minister of the country! While politics will always prevail, whether 2014 or 2020, the year 2014 should be considered special because of the fact that after a long time, this year has been blessed a number of long weekends, making it ideal for working people to take frequent short trips.

Starting from March 2014 onwards, the year would have over 10 long weekends (3 days or more) spread over various months, making it good to travel various parts of the country during seasons. Short weekends are the ideal opportunity to plan for Family Tour Packages either to nearby locations which are worth a drive or to new places in the country which haven’t been explored by the family before. Even an All India Tour could be planned if done with caution.

Thanks to the progress in tourism in the country, India offers budget style holidays for a short weekend, as well as bespoke All India Tours, which brings together the best of the country in a planned manner. The tour, you would want to take would all depend on your choice of destination – beaches or mountains and the budget of your holiday. All holidays, whether a couple trip or a Family Tour package, should be planned considering these two vital components. Since, this year would offer numerous long weekends, people should plan well in advance to ensure that no weekend goes unutilized with ideal Family Tour Packages.

India offers more than enough options for a traveler to explore; with the right kind of planning and the right budget, in 2014 a lot of people can definitely strike off a lot of places off their list. But then again, striking off places from a list is not what vacations are about. Holidays should be enjoyed and relished to the maximum and remembered for a lifetime, because mostly people don’t visit the same place twice, unless and until it is a religious destination.

So, plan an All India Tour if you want, but always ensure that the trip is planned well in advance – in case you are a travel novice, ensure that you take the assistance of a travel adviser to plan things for you. Make the most of the year 2014 and use all the long weekends judiciously and finally travel to the places you always have thought of and never did.