All holidays are meant to be remembered for a lifetime, because the experience of discovering a new place, trying a new cuisine, interacting with new people might come often in one’s life – but the newness of the experience comes only once in life. Therefore, vacations – small or big – family or with friends should be planned with care and the maximum amount of research. Doesn’t matter whether you travel within India or go to Hong Kong and Thailanda new destination should always be cherished.


These are the considerations for a family vacation or a holiday with friends, but when it comes to Honeymoon, the prerequisites have to be even more detailed – because, whatever said and done, it is the most important vacation in the life of a person. And in 90% cases, couples go for their Honeymoon only once. Coming to prerequisites, the first among them being choosing the Honeymoon Destinations – mostly couples today have the income levels to choose both an exotic domestic location as well as high budget international places. But the point is whether it is India, Hong Kong, Thailand or any other place in the world, the couple should be in sync while deciding the location.

Hong kong

Some people might want a quiet and serene Honeymoon Destination, because the couple want to spend time with each other with their own privacy; while for others, Honeymoon might be the ideal time for a couple to turn into best friends and try all the adventure sports possible. While choices of couples might differ, each couple should know what they want from their Honeymoon Destination.


Usually, India, Hong Kong, Thailand are the most preferred options for Honeymooners these days, because they are in budget and offer great locales alongside. But then again, just because a certain location is trending doesn’t mean that every couple should follow suite. Each couple should make the decision for their Honeymoon on their own, considering what they want from the trip, their budget and the time duration. For couples when this situation becomes too difficult to decide, it is best advised that the visit a reputed travel advisor who could not only suggest them on locations that they could travel to, but also assist in planning a bespoke travel plan best suited to the needs of the couple considering their likes, dislikes as well as their joint budget.

Be your own decision maker and ensure that your Honeymoon is the best time of your life!!

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